Alexander Beck is salesperson at McConigles and was a rebel with Ben Burke.

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Xander was brought up in a Scottish and German middle class family and went to Mary Flynn Public High School. Afterwards he went into the military where he was soon given a dishonorable discharge.

Xander was then abducted and taken to Wayward Pines, a town with strict rules. He got a job at the local ice cream shop, but managed to find a group of rebels willing to break the rules. Under the leader ship of Ben Burke, he was sent to work for Jason Higgins, The Leader of Wayward Pines, to undermine the First Generation leadership from within.

One night, he was with another rebel who radioed him that a car was heading his way. Hiding behind a bush, Xander witnessed Theo Yedlin tumble out of the car and run away from Kacey Rohl and other soldiers. Being occupied, he threw an explosive at their car, causing a loud explosion.

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