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Welcome to the Wayward Pines Wikia! This is a comprehensive database dedicated to the new series on FOX called Wayward Pines. Fans and anyone interested in the series are welcome to contribute and help this wikia grow. Careful, spoilers are on this wikia.


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Wayward Pines Season 2 Promo (HD)

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Jason Higgins, is the leader of the "First Generation" and plans to contain Wayward Pines to preserve mankind. At the end of Season 1, Jason and the First Generation seize control of Wayward Pines. Read more >>

Ethan walking down Main Street

Wayward Pines, Idaho is a town that was used by David Pilcher to preserve the human race. It is also where Ethan Burke wakes and realizes that he doesn't know where he is. The town is isolated from the outside world, and prevents anyone from leaving. Read more >>


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