Ethan walking down Main Street

Ethan Burke walking through Wayward Pines, Idaho.


The view of Wayward Pines, Idaho.

Wayward Pines, Idaho is a town that was used by David Pilcher to preserve the human race.


In 1996, 30 year-old David Pilcher discovers the human genome is changing due to our own destruction of the planet. He realized that in the future, humans were going to be extinct, and tried to save as many of them as he could. He dedicates himself to finding a way to preserve humanity. After developing the technologies that would help save mankind, Pilcher convinces some people to help him and searches for a beautiful yet naturally walled-in town, a safe zone for humanity to reawaken. There, he discovers the real town of Wayward Pines, Idaho. Pilcher decides to use Wayward Pines as a safe haven for mankind to live in. He has Rebecca Yedlin design a new town to cover up the old one. He then recruits Arnold Pope to abduct many people to put them in suspended animation.

In December 31, 2014, everyone in the inner circle goes into their suspended animation chambers, including David Pilcher (now 48) and his sister, Pam.

By 2514, the entire human race becomes extinct and as a result the creatures, known as "the Abbies" starts to evolve from human beings.

In 4014, Pilcher comes out of suspension along with most of the members of his inner circle. The group surveys the wreckage of the town and the world after 2,000 years. They see an Abby for the first time. They build the electrified fence. They start to rebuild the town. In 4016, after two years, the town is rebuilt. Pilcher brings the first group of abductees, Group A, out of suspended animation. There is a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Main Street. He tells them the truth. Most don’t believe him. 26 escape and are killed by abbies. Those who do believe him commit suicide.

Since the incident, the rules are changed and the adults can't know the truth. Seven Rules are made that the inhabitants of Wayward Pines must follow. Anyone who doesn’t follow the Seven Rules will be killed through the Reckoning.

Known locationsEdit

  • Around the Bend Yoga Studio
  • Ballinger Toys and Hobbies
  • Biergarten
  • Clockshop
  • Crafts Shop
  • Grandpa's Closet
  • McConigles
  • Noah's Bark Pet Store
  • Pines
  • Pollenated Flower Shop
  • The Drill and Nail
  • The Excellent Bean
  • Twin Wheels Bikes
  • Wayward Pines Academy
  • Wayward Pines Barber
  • Wayward Beauty
  • Wayward Pines Hospital
  • Wayward Pines Hotel
  • Wayward Pines Sheriff Department