Wayne Johnson is a resident of Wayward Pines.

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Wayne was abducted and taken to Wayward Pines, a town with strict rules regarding talking about the past or leaving. Big Bill's story of Wayne's abduction was he was out by himself one night, moving traffic cones, when he gets hit by a police car. He then rolls off the road, down a ditch, and crashed headfirst into a concrete dam.

After being treated by Pamela Pilcher, new realtor Theresa Burke came to give him a house since he doesn't know anyone in Wayward Pines and doesn't have a place to stay. After describing the house, he asked Theresa to please stop talking and wanted to be left alone. When she asks if he wanted nurse Pam, he said no. After Theresa informed him she was also in an accident, she asked if she saw it too. He told Theresa that they did something awful to them and that nurse pam was there, but knowing they were being watched, Theresa said they had to be careful and asked Wayne to whisper what he saw to her. Before he could, nurse Pam came walked in. After she left, Theresa told Wayne they should look as his new house, since it was private.

Once they came to the house, they went to go look in the back. There, Theresa turned on the dryer machine and asked Wayne to tell her what he saw. He informed her that he woke up, drugged, after the accident and he remembered looking out a small glass window. Pam and other people were looking in at him and later woke up. He then remembers also seeing other chambers filled with people. After talking, Theresa told him to take the house with a smile and begin living his life, which he does.

Later, he was present at The Excellent Bean, where David Pilcher told Arlene Moran and Henrietta after the bombing on Main Street, one should be careful not to spread rumors. Then, after receiving a call, Wayne heard Ruby Davis announce a mandatory Fellowship Gathering.

It is unknown if Wayne was killed during the abby attack or if he was put in hibernation with the rest of the surviving adults.

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