I did this for the Sleepy Hollow Wiki too and brought to their attention the awesome Japanese dub of the series.

For Wayward Pines Wiki, here's snippets of information about the Wayward Pines official Japanese dub release:

Official Japanese Websites

Second link is the entire first episode subtitled in Japanese. You will get the Japanese dub if you buy the DVDs, of course. ^^;
I knew it! The opening theme was slightly different from the beginning than the current one.

YouTube Links

Japanese Title

Wayward Pines: The Inescapable Town

(ウェイワード・パインズ 出口のない街 Ueiwādo Painzu Dekichi no Nai Machi)

Yes, the Japanese title is longer. Just like that of Gravity Falls (known as Kaiketsu Zone Gravity Falls in Japan). ^^

Main Japanese Voice Cast

  • Ethan Burke (イーサン・バーク Īsan Bāku) - Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Arnold Pope (アーノルド・ポープ Ānorudo Pōpu) - Kentaro Itou
  • Pam (パム Pamu) - Sayuri Sadaoka

I have known Kenjiro Tsuda and Kentaro Itou to perform voice roles exceptionally. I can't say I've heard Sayuri Sadaoka already though.

Episode Name Comparison

The Japanese episode names differ from the US titles. Japanese episode names tend to be more direct to the point with the focus of the episode rather than to be an allusion to a gist of the story.

US title Japan Title Kanji, Romaji
Where Paradise is Home The False Utopia 偽りの理想郷 Itsuwari no Uzoukyou
Do Not Discuss Your Life Before Protect the Law 守るべき掟 Mamorubeki Okite
Our Town, Our Law The Unseen Hand of Danger 忍び寄る魔の手 Shinobiyoru Manote
One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire A Strange New Life 奇妙な新生活 Kimyou na Shinseikatsu
The Truth Time to Unravel Everything 全てが明かされる時 Subete ga Akasareru Ji
Choices The Ones that Decide 選ばれた者たち Erabareta Mono-tachi
Betrayal The Beginning of a Rebellion 反逆の始まり Hagyaku no Hajimari
Friendliest Place on Earth The Runaway Prodigy 暴走する天才 Bousousuru Tensai
A Reckoning A Punishment for the Traitors 裏切り者には制裁を Uragirimono ni ha Seisai
Cycle The Messiah 救世主 Kyouseisha