Toby Wilson is a journalist for The Wayward Pines Chronicle.


Toby was abducted and taken to Wayward Pines, a town with strict rules regarding talking about the past or leaving. He was given the job as journalist for The Wayward Pines Chronicle.

After the retirement of Arnold Pope, Toby, along with Brad Fisher and Arlene Moran, came to congratulate the new sheriff,Ethan Burke. He took their picture and introduced himself to Ethan. He later became uncomfortable and exchanged nervous glances with Major Fisher when Ethan asked who appointed him as new sheriff. Toby then later left the room when Major Fisher asked for a moment alone with Ethan.

Later one night, Toby was present at the fake Reckoning of Kate Hewson. When Ethan and Kate told the town nothing was left of the outside world, he, along with Arlene and Henrietta, said they also saw what was left of the outside world. A few minutes later, David Pilcher turned off the power to the town.

It is unknown if Toby was killed during the Abbie attack or if he was put in hibernation with the rest of the surviving adults.

Appearances Edit

Wayward Pines Edit

Season 1 Edit

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