Tim Bell was a front desk receptionist at the Wayward Pines Hotel.

History Edit

Tim was abducted and taken to a small town with strict rules about mentioning the past and leaving called Wayward Pines. He started working as a receptionist in the town's hotel. He secretly wanted to leave the place, and eventually he met a group of people who talked about their past who where willing to escape.[1]

When one his guests failed to check out at 11 am, he went to his room to inform him to leave. Mr. Burke asked if anyone had called him, Tim said that no one had. Repeating himself, he asked Ethan to leave, and didn't let the man close the door. Later, Ethan left.[2]

The next day, he found Ethan behind the front desk, and told him that he had to step out of there. When the agent asked for a working computer, Tim said that they didn't have one, and he also informed him that the newspaper hadn't been published for two weeks.[3]

A few days later, Tim went to the Biergarten with Arlene Moran to have a drink. While she talked about Sheriff Pope's retirement, he told her that he thought the guy was a little creepy. He then heard Pam's speech about their new sheriff, Ethan Burke.[4]

One night, Tim was told that their escape plan had failed, and that one of their men was injured in the forest. Tim and Ruby Davis went there with provisions for the profuges, but Ruby had to leave before meeting them. Tim arrived where Harold, Alan, and Eric were hiding, and left them food and water, but he had to leave in order to not raise suspicions.

During a mandatory Fellowship Gathering, Ruby told Tim that Ted Laufer had died at the hospital, since he had 90% of his body burnt. Tim heard Mayor Fisher's words about their current situation, and then left to his house when Sheriff Burke told the crowd to disperse.[1]

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