Simeon is a resident of Wayward Pines and a teacher at the Wayward Pines Academy.

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One night, Theo Yedlin knocked at his door and asked for his cell phone, confusing him. Jackie, his wife, asked Simeon who was at the door, with him replying that the stranger wanted to borrow their cell phone. When Theo tried to call the police, they tried to calm Theo down, with Simeon saying Hector was playing on the radio. He told Jackie to get Theo a glass of water but he soon fled their house. After he left, Simeon told Jackie to "call it in".

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Simeon and Jackie after Theo Yedlin comes into their house for a phone.

While going to help volunteer to fight the abby's outside the fence, Theo asked him what was going on. He told him the crops were on fire and he was going outside the fence to help, along with anyone else who could. He then got into a car and left.

Later, when alarms and phones rang out in the town, Simeon told all the students to get back inside the school because of an emergency.

Simeon and Jackie were present at the at the gathering of the whole town to hear Jason Higgins explain an Abby attack would be bound to happen and they were planning to move all the residents back into the cryostasis chambers to sleep. He was then in a classroom full of students with CJ Mitchum to explain the safety of the cryostasis chambers since most of the First Generation students haven't been in one before.

During the moving of the residents into the mountain, he left with his daughter with the first group of residents. He was about to lock his house, but left the keys in the door, knowing they wouldn't be back for a while.

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