Sarah Barlow is Eric Barlow's wife.

History Edit

Sarah married a rocket scientist called Eric Barlow and took his name.[1]

She ran into a trace that could lead to an amazing story, or a total buzz.[2] From that moment, she started recording herself about her progress,[3] and keeping and address book of every place she went. She discovered something called Mountain Project,[2] and got in touch with a source she refered as "The Digger", who told her about a big construction project inside a mountain.[4]

At some point during her investigation, she went to a doctor for a meeting, where she found out she was pregnant. She left the receptionist specific instructions on what to do if her husband ever found that clinic.[5]

Knowing that she had gotten too close to the truth, she forsaw that someone would come for her. She quit her job and put all her research in a tablet that belonged to Eric and her under an user called "mtn_prj", with a picture password. She went to her job and told her friend Elena that she had to quit.[3] Eventually, someone arrived at her house and made her tape a video for her husband, in which she told him that she was leaving on her own for something that she had to do. She asked him not to look for her, and to let her go. She looked to the left and the recording ended. However, when the camera stopped recording, she asked someone if that was what they wanted her to say.[nb 1][6]

She was taken to a construction site, where she was forced to record another video. In it, she told Eric not to go through the fence behind her.[7] Afterwards, she was placed inside a dark small pod with a camera where she begged to be released.[8] She was later frozen in a cryostasis chamber[9] in the construction site for the Mountain Project[7] and her belongins were filed to be storaged for a long time.[nb 1][10]

On the year 4028, she was woken and checked by Pamela Pilcher, who assured her brother David that she was stable.[9]

It is unknown if Sarah was killed during the abby attack or if she were put in hibernation with the rest of the surviving adults.

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  • According to the woman that checked her vitals, she is from Missouri, and she used to be a teacher.[9] But The Digger said she was a reporter.[11]
  • According to Megan Fisher, she saw her still out in main street during the abbie attack, to which her husband, Brad, said Sarah probably was dead

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