Robert was a volunteer guard for David Pilcher.

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Robert left behind his family and life for the cause to preserve the human race with Dr. Pilcher. He was given the job as head of the guards in the mountain.

After David Pilcher turned off all the power to Wayward Pines, David ordered Robert and his men to take Pamela Pilcher, Gina Hudson, Victor and other volunteer workers to the cryostasis chambers to be put into hibernation. When Pam refused and tried to talk to him and Christina, he knocked her out and ordered the other to put on their suits.

After hearing guns go off, he took a few of his men and went to go see who was inside the mountain. He was then held at gunpoint by Ethan Burke and Kate Hewson. Before surrendering, he turned around to shoot Ethan but was shoot and killed by the secret agent.

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