Reggie Hudson is a volunteer worker for David Pilcher and the husband of Gina Hudson.

History Edit

Reggie left with his wife, Gina, and children to help the cause to preserve the human race with Dr. Pilcher and over two hundred other volunteers. He was placed into a hibernation chamber and slept until he was woken by Pilcher. He then worked in the mountain to help Wayward Pines function. Reggie worked in surveillance, along with his wife.

Reggie was one of the surveillance workers interviewed by Pamela Pilcher for a security review. She asked him how he felt working surveillance. He said it was ok, but after asking again, he later told Pam he felt a little bit off watching the residents. He later confessed to deleting some tapes, not wanting anyone to get hurt for asking questions. Unbeknownst to them, David Pilcher was watching the interview on his own computer.

Later, while working, he was taken by guards to be put back into hibernation for his actions. by his cryostasis chamber, David made a speech on how everyone loved him, but he needed to be punished for his actions caused the deaths of some residents. With his wife crying, he was placed into a deep sleep.

Appearences Edit

Wayward Pines Edit

Season 1 Edit

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