Henrietta was a bookkeeper at Big Bill's office in Wayward Pines.

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Henrietta was abducted and taken to a little town called Wayward Pines. There, she started working for Big Bill and Peter McCall. At first, she tried to find out the truth behind the town, but she eventually gave up and managed to fit in.

When Peter died, a new job opening was available, but Bill gave it to "a shiny new model" instead of her, which made Henrietta enraged.

A few days later, she went to office, and told Bill that she quit. She reasoned that the worst part about not getting the job, was that she didn't see it coming. Despite Bill's questions about her having a new job offer, Henrietta said that she didn't care, and left the place with her stuff.

Outside, she was followed by Theresa, who told her that initially she didn't want to take the job, but she was forced to. When the new realtor started asking questions about strange things some people had seen, Henrietta cut her off, telling her not to look where she wasn't supposed to. She warned her whatever she is doing, it isn't going anywhere good. Accidentally, while she was talking about Peter's death, she revealed that he thought that plot 33 was a way out of Wayward Pines, and after repeating herself to Theresa about not asking questions if she didn't want to end up dead, she took off in her car.[1]

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Henrietta and Arlene listening to David Pilcher.

After she heard about a gas leak that caused an explosion that destroyed a truck, Henrietta went to check for herself. She noticed that the ground was intact, and talked about it with Arlene Moran at The Excellent Bean, being then told by David Pilcher that its best not to spread rumors. Ruby then told the town residents that there was an obligatory celebration at Main Street. There, Henrietta commented how much of an easy target they were, since most of the town was gathered at one place. She heard Mayor Fisher speech, and later Sheriff Burke, who told them to disperse, and confirmed her suspects about a bomb detonating on Main Street.[2]

One night, she was present at the fake reckoning of Kate Hewson. There, Kate and Ethan told the residents of Wayward Pines that their town is the only town left in the world. Alongside Arlene and Toby Wilson, she told the other residents that what they were saying was true as she also saw what was left of the outside world. Then, David Pilcher tunred off all the power to Wayward Pines.

It is unknown if Henrietta was killed during the abby attack or if she was put in hibernation with the rest of the surviving adults.

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