The Graduate Student is a member of the First Generation of Wayward Pines.

History Edit

One night, This student arrived with Jason Higgins and Sean at the Wayward Pines Police Department looking for Ethan Burke. They were meet by Arlene Moran who informed them Ethan was no in. When Jason asked where he was, she informed them that it was not any of their business. Jason told her it was their business because they were the First Generation and took the rules of the town seriously, and that Ethan should reckon Kate Hewson and her rebels. Arlene then told the boys to leave, which they did.

They were later present at the hospital when Ben Burke gave his speech and informed them his dad would not reckon the rebels. He later left with Jason back to the Police Department.

He later arrived with the other two and broke into the building. He watched Jason as he asked Arlene for the keys to the cell and then handcuff her to a filing cabinet. Jason tossed him and Sean guns to shoot the rebels with. This student later watched in horror as Jason executed Harold Ballinger, Franklin Dobbs and two other men. Before Jason could kill Kate, Ethan Burke arrived and shot him. Sean and the student surrendered and were put in a cell. The student later tired to talk to Arlene from his cell.

When Ethan and other rebels came into the station, they left with weapons, but did not let the boys out of their cells. They were later freed by a First Generation student and went to the Ark to ride out the destruction from the abby's.

In the aftermath of the abby attack, it is presumed he helped the members of the First Generation seize control from the adults in Wayward Pines.

During the year 4032, he was one of the soldiers to go outside the fence and get food for the town, but was attacked by an abby. He was bleeding badly from an artery in his leg, but was saved by Oscar.

Appearances Edit

Wayward Pines Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This character isn't credited or given a name even though he has lines in the episodes he appears in.

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