Franklin Dobbs was a former explosives engineer and a resident of Wayward Pines.

History Edit

Franklin was born on October 28, 1963. He was an explosives engineer living in Detroit with a wife and son. At some point of his life, he was abducted and woke up in a town called Wayward Pines, a place he couldn't leave. There, he started making clocks in his own shop.

In the little town, he met people like him, willing to break the rules, and formed a bond with them. They gathered in secret to discuss about their situation and their past, and at some point, the group decided that they would escape.

Along with Kate Hewson, Harold Ballinger, Peter McCall, Ted Laufer, and several other residents, they planned to take down the fence. Since Franklin used to be an explosives expert, they decided to use a bomb.

One morning, Sheriff Burke contacted him and asked to meet him at the Biergarten, where he was having interviews with all the residents. The sheriff asked Dobbs for advice on how to deal with gophers, since he used to be an explosives expert, but Franklin said that there was nothing that he could do, and that he needed to return to his store. However, he went to The Excelent Bean, to warn Harold about Ethan. When Franklin saw that the sheriff had followed him, he left the place.

He was contacted by members of his group, and was told that they had to take the fence down that same night. They gathered at Zone 41, a blindspot for cameras. There, Kate told Franklin and two more men to leave if they wanted, and then Dobbs activated the bomb's timer. Nevertheless, Ethan showed up and held Kate at gunpoint, demanding Franklin to defuse the bomb. Ultimately, and despite Kate's complaints, he stopped the timer, and the group was taken to the Sheriff Office, where they were locked up.[1]

Later, while Franklin, Harold, and Kate were behind bars, a group of First Generation students, led by Jason Higgins, stormed the jail. Angry that Sheriff Burke didn't reckon the prisoners, Jason and the others attempted to execute the prisoners themselves. They were thwarted by Arlene Moran. However, the group later returned and executed Harold and Franklin. Kate is saved by Ethan, who arrived just as she was about to be shot.

Appearances Edit

Wayward Pines Edit

Season 1 Edit

References Edit

  1. Rob Fresco (writer) & Steve Shill (director) (July 2, 2015). "Betrayal". Wayward Pines. Season 1. Episode 7. FOX.

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