Eric was a resident and rebel in Wayward Pines

History Edit

Eric was abducted and taken to Wayward Pines, a town with strict rules regarding talking about the past or leaving. He managed to find a group of rebels willing to break the rules. They agreed to escape at some point, using bombs to take down the fence.

One night, Eric, along with Harold Ballinger and Alan, pushed a dumpster in the middle of the street to stop Ethan Burke from catching up to Ted Laufer who had a bomb in his truck to blow up the fence. Ethan drove straight into the dumpster, pinning Eric between it and the truck. He was wounded and held onto Harold as they ran away into the forest.

He was later unconscious when Tim Bell and Ruby Davis came to deliver supplies.

In the middle of the day, Harold and Alan were arguing on what to do when Eric died due to internal bleeding.

Taking his body, Alan broke through the fence with a truck he and Harold stole earlier that day. After making it to the other side, Alan was attacked by Abbys while others feed on Eric's body.

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