Elena is Sarah Barlow's co-worker.

History Edit

At some point, Elena and Sarah started working toghether. One morning, Sarah decided to quit her job, and left Elena without any explanation.

That afternoon, Eric, Sarah's husband, passed by her job to try to find her. When Elena realized that Sarah hadn't tell his husband about her quitting, she tried to help him find some clues. She revealed to him that Sarah'd been working on a story that had her freaked out, and she later saw how Eric figured the password for a mysterious user on his tablet. There, it was Sarah's investigation.[1]

Outside the office, Elena followed a very angry Eric, who was preparing to leave in his car when he claimed that she knew about the danger in Sarah's research. She assured him that she didn't know a thing about the danger, and told Eric that going to the police wouldn't help, since Sarah left by her own will. She offered to help Eric, and when he left in his car, she called someone, telling them that Eric wasn't giving up.[2]

During Eric's trip to find his wife, Elena called him several times to tell him all that she had found on the Mountain Project. During one of her calls, Eric told her that Sarah was pregnant, and she congratulated him. Next, Elena told Eric that she had found something, and that he had to go to Idaho to find one of Sarah's sources, a man nicknamed "The Digger".[3]

Later, while Eric was in Idaho, she called him again, saying that she found an address for The Digger, 6116 Domino's Place.[4]

After receiving a video treath, Eric called Elena, who offered to call the police, but Eric refused, saying that he needed her help to find Sarah.[5]

She comes in as Eric and The Caretaker are talking to bring in The Digger, while wearing her lab coat revealing to Eric she was in on Sarah's abduction. The Caretaker praises her idea of letting The Digger go. As Eric is stunned, she walks towards him to say something, but stops and leaves.

Appearences Edit

Gone: A Wayward Pines Story Edit

References Edit

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