Eileen was the wife to CJ Mitchum.

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At some point in time, she meet and married CJ Mitchum. They gardened together and played chess. Then, before CJ went into hibernation, she died.

Around the year 3214, when CJ was playing chess, a hallucination of Eileen visited him to play chess with him. They talked about how chess was her game and when they gardened together. The Eileen said she was worried about him. When CJ asked it was time to go, she laughed, saying he couldn't come with her. CJ talked about what he has seen wrong with the world, and how he wanted to call out. Eileen then told him he has the power to make the world whatever he wants. He said he didn't want to be alone, with Eileen saying he wasn't, and disappeared.

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  • She was good at chess.