Carol was a doctor in Wayward Pines.

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When a man, Ethan Burke, came to the hospital, Doctor Carol was suppose to see him, but he was pulled into an emergency surgery but when Pamela Pilcher gave the doctor his vitals, he said everything was fine. Before Doctor Carol could actually meet his new patient, Ethan left the hospital.

When Ethan came in with his son, Ben Burke, after he was in an explosion on Main Street, Doctor Carol examined him and wheeled Ben off to Radiology. He later informed Ethan and his wife if Ben woke up in the next twenty-four hours, he would make a full recovery.

He was later examining Amy Breslow after she had a epidural hemorrhage.

When Theresa Burke wanted to move Amy out of the hospital to the safety of the bunker, Doctor Carol suggested not moving her since she just came out of surgery. Then when the power went out in the hospital, he went to go turn on the generator. Once he found the generator, he was in the process of turning it on when an Abby came out from behind him and killed him.

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