Danny Davis is the son of Ruby Davis.

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One day, while at McConigles, Sean and another soldier came to take his mother, Ruby Davis. He pleaded for his mother not to leave but before she could say anything Sean ripped her away from him and took her outside. Danny followed them outside where Theo Yedlin tried to intervene, but was pushed away. This allowed Ruby to comfort her son one last time, and say her final words to him before she left. Sean then took Danny back inside McConigles for some candy.

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His mother, Ruby, says goodbye to her son.

When soldiers came to take people back to the mountain, people in group 1 were to be saved. People in group 2 were to be left behind to die. Danny was in group 2. When Danny asked Frank Armstrong what was wrong with them since they were left behind at the school, Frank assured him there was nothing wrong with them.

It is unknown what happened to him since he was not in group 1 and not put into the cryostasis chambers.

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