Christina is a volunteer worker for David Pilcher.

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Christina left behind her family and life for the cause to preserve the human race with Dr. Pilcher and over two hundred other volunteers. She was placed into a hibernation chamber and slept until she was woken by Pilcher. She then worked in the mountain to help Wayward Pines function. She worked with the cryostasis chamber by waking up new residents and placing certain people back into the chamber.

While showing Ethan Burke the workplace, Christina came up to Dr. Pilcher informing him he was needed in the CRU. She was later present at the awakening of Sarah Barlow.

After turning off all the power to Wayward Pines, David ordered Christina to place Pamela Pilcher and other volunteers into hibernation. Pam tried to convince her and Robert that what they were doing was wrong, but the two agreed with Pilcher and Robert knocked Pam out. She later placed Pam into hibernation.

After Robert and the other guards left after hearing gun shots, Paul ordered her to wake up Pam. She refused at first, but after Paul raised his gun up to her, Christina agreed and took Pam out of hibernation.

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