Brad Fisher was the mayor of Wayward Pines, Idaho.

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Brad was a telecommunications vice president who had a wife, a son and a daughter, but he was abducted and taken to Wayward Pines. There, he was appointed as the town's mayor and married a school teacher named Megan, who wrote all his speeches for him.

With Sheriff Pope's retirement, Brad had to go to welcome Wayward Pines new sheriff, Ethan Burke. He took a photo with him for the newspaper, and when Ethan asked who appointed him sheriff, Fisher said that wasn't one of his functions. The tension raised when Ethan said he wanted to meet the one responsible, since he wanted to ask some questions to them, but Brad said that they didn't really like to ask questions in Wayward Pines, and that they just went by the rules. Ethan then changed the topic, asking who wanted some cake, relieving everyone in the room.

The next night, Megan took Brad to the Biergarten to have a diner with Ethan and Theresa Burke. They made small talk, and when the women of the table went to the bathroom, Brad asked Ethan about his impression of Wayward Pines. The sheriff commented how everything was great, from the trees to the look of fear in everyone's eyes. Nervous, Brad offered Ethan some wine, and they started talking about the children. Brad said that the school focused on them, shaping the mind of the child, and told Ethan to be careful when the sheriff mentioned that Megan was a teacher at the school. With Megan and Theresa back at the table, Ethan asked about the public executions, and when Megan explained him that they were just following rules, Brad said that he couldn't have said it better himself. While they were talking, Pam, who was at the restaurant too, asked everyone to raise their glasses to their new sheriff. Brad listened to her speech, until she was cut off by Ethan, who assured everyone that he would make sure that all criminals faced justice.[1]

Mayor Fisher was at a mandatory Fellowship Gathering talking to Dr. Jenkins, who told him that he should gave a speech to the rest of the town. Considering it a good idea, he went to stage and told everyone to get closer. He urged the people to relax and have some fun, but Sheriff Burke took the microphone, and advise everyone to go home and be safe. When he got the microphone back, Brad told everyone to follow Ethan's words.[2]

During the abbie attack, Mayor Fisher joined Ethan, Kate Hewson, and Tim Bell into going to the Wayward Pines Sheriff Department for weapons.[3]

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