Alan was a resident and rebel in Wayward Pines.

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Alan was abducted and taken to Wayward Pines, a town with strict rules regarding talking about the past or leaving. He managed to find a group of rebels willing to break the rules. They agreed to escape at some point, using bombs to take down the fence.

One night, Eric, along with Harold Ballinger and Eric, pushed a dumpster in the middle of the street to stop Ethan Burke from catching up to Ted Laufer who had a bomb in his truck to blow up the fence. When Ethan drove straight into the dumpster, pinning Eric between dumpster and his truck, Alan ran away with the other two into the woods.

In the woods, Alan and Harold argued on what to do until Tim Bell and Ruby Davis came to deliver supplies. After he gave Ruby a hug, she left to avoid being late for work. Then after Tim suggested taking Eric to the hospital, Alan said they would just execute him. Soon Tim also left the group.

Later, Eric died, so the two began digging a hole to bury the body when Alan stopped shoveling and said he wanted to burry Eric outside the fence as a free man. With the help of Harold, they later stole a truck after the construction crew finished their job for the day.

After getting Eric's body into the truck, Harold decided to stay in Wayward Pines since Kate Hewson couldn't leave with them. Harold wished Alan luck as he drove off towards the fence.

That night, he drove the truck into the fence, allowing him to escape Wayward with Eric's body. Excited he stared rejoicing, right before an Abby took Eric's body and started to eat it, along with two other abbys that killed Alan.

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